About Australia
Why Australia?
When we think about Australia, Kangaroos, koalas, Great Barrier Reef & Australia's aquatic and coastal experiences are the first few things that comes to our mind. However, Australia has lot more to offer other than this. Australia is the 3rd most popular study destination among international students because of its high quality of education, its cultural diversity, climate and fabulous lifestyle.
Globally Recognised degree
Courses offered by Institutions of Australia are flexible and equipped with global perspective. The degrees that students study in Australia are recognised globally.
Living Expenses
Living Expense in Australia is comparatively lower than United States of Amercia and the United Kingdom. However, the living standards are quite high.
Work Permit
Australian student visa allows students to work up to 40 hours fortnightly whilst studying in Australia. It’s a great opportunity for those who wish to work while studying to meet with their living expenses.
Tuition Expenses
There are a number of scholarships offered by various institutions of Australia which lowers the cost of studying. However, studying in Australia is more affordable as compared to the other developed countries like United State of America & United Kingdom etc.